Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What now? Should we evacuate?

We know the people responsible are doing everything to avoid a total meltdown. We know the people within 30km of the reactors are evacuated. But what about those who are a little farther away?

Yes, this guy can switch the channels to watch the news. But the sentiment remains there is a lack of what's going right NOW in Fukushima. Things can literally change in a second.

We need more transparency with TEPCO and the government. We need more minute updates now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

saw a test mule tonight

The goods:

-Really really excited about seeing a test mule on my way home from work.
-full zebra prints hiding the design
-it's a hatchback (could be the next gen Suzuki Swift Sport)
-probably a Japanese manufacturer (here in Japan of course)
-my first ever spotting a test mule in full disguise
-the body disguise looked something like this (completely different shape needless to say)

The bads:

-10 at night, didn't get a chance to see it real good
-my guess can be way off, may be a Lexus hatch

The questions:

-We're so far from any car development facilities in this part of Japan (Chiba ken)
-parts manufacturers test their brakes and other safety systems near here, but not a full car
-If a family hatch, absolutely no reasons to use a test mule with full disguise
-guy driving the mule gave me a good long look because I revved and went real slow past him, wishing him good luck
-please give us something good!

Friday, November 12, 2010

2010 title (F1)

Who deserves it more this year? Alonso, Webber, or Vettel? Short answer: They all do.

Personally I'd say Webber most deserves the championship because he's worked so hard for so many years, stayed with a start-up through the worst, and finally sees a fruitful season. If he doesn't get this one he may very well never have another shot.

BUT, in this business there is no such thing as who deserves it more, only who's more dominant, more consistent, and more....... lucky. Yes it's better to be lucky than good sometimes, umm... all the times. Any of those on top now will need all three qualities to claim the most sought after prize in all of motor racing.

Good luck to them all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First snow 初雪

First snowfall this winter (is it winter yet?) in northern Japan comes earlier than usual. First time in 6 years Oct sees any snow. It looks to be a tough one this year.

purple: snow
blue: rain
(latest weather map 10/26/2010 4pm Japan time)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oct means the smell of kinmokusei

kinmokusei (キンモクセイ/金木犀) (Eng: Osmanthus fragrans a.k.a. Sweet Olive, Tea Olive and Fragrant Olive)

There is one of those trees in our backyard. At the end of summer it releases a subtle first scent one can detect with a keen sense of smell. Increasingly the subtleness is replaced by a sure but elegant aroma. It fills the chilled air with signs of fall, a constant and steady flow of nature's perfume.

someone's youtube video

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

F1's last 4 races

Or 3 remaining if not counting Korea.

The closest driver's championship race since, err, since forever. How can Button, the underdog champion, make a run for it? Personally I think he should go for all or nothing. With what's he's been doing the last 4 races, his current strategies aren't going to put him on top, so why bother?

Current ranking after Singapore before Japan, drivers - points
Mark Webber 202
Fernadno Alonso 191
Lewis Hamilton 182
Sebastian Vettel 181
Jenson Button 177

25 points up for grasp with each remaining race (25 * 4 = 100), it's really everyone's guess. One crash, strategic misstep, that's all it takes, but it won't happen to all 4 of them above Button. So all or nothing.

Aggression, more, thanks

If the Brits don't make it this year, PLEASE let Webber take the crown. PLEASE! Vettel will have his (many) championships when he's finally ready. While Alonso does deserve credit where it's due, he's stopped being amazing.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

racing games

There are at least 4 racing games that look incredible on PlayStation 3 coming out near end of this year. It's a car enthusiast's heaven but with so little time, how am I going to play all these games?

The no-brainer: Gran Turismo 5
(place holder for vid)
merits: best simulation series for a decade

The look-at-me: NFS Hot Pursuit
(place holder for vid)
Merits: all the new super/hyper cars. Veyron, 918 Spyder, Zonda F

The free-world roamer: Test Drive Unlimited
(place holder for vid)
Merits: roam the island of Hawaii and drive the best cars in the world

The F1 lover: F1 2010
(place holder for vid)
Merits: the latest F1 season with all drivers and all tracks

Thursday, September 30, 2010

feel good youtube

I hope, in the future my children will restore my S2000, before I die. Brought a tear to my eye. Could this be a viral ad? Who cares, it's so well done.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new earthquake warning system

There seems to be a new earthquake warning system in place lately in Japan. It must have come into effect in these few days.

Here is how it works:
1) sizable earthquake happens somewhere in this area (Kanto regions)
2) a loud warning beeps and vibrants for a few seconds on your cellphone (despite silence setting)
3) impact expected 5 - 10 seconds from time of warning
4) brace

We had our first warning this afternoon at around 5pm. We were in class so I got the students ready to dodge under the table if/when it'd happen. But it didn't, turned out a fairly regional quake didn't make itself felt over here. Still, a bit of a scare. We thought it was "the Big One".