Monday, June 28, 2010


The devastation of England losing to Germany is so thorough it hurts this total bystander.

If the match was fair:
2 - 2 at halftime
3 - 2 in the end

The Germans were a better team. They played together better. They had much much better defense.
The English on the other hand, Rooney being as useful as a potato, defense had too many holes. Could a strong national football/soccer league lead to horrible team chemistry? More or less like the NBA and the US basketball team?

Too many egos. Too much at stake.

The UK can't win against Germany today. F1 Englishmen Hamilton and Button finished behind Deutschland's Vettel earlier at Valencia on race day Sunday, European GP. Not a bad day though if you're on the other side.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

US not deserving sweet 16?

As a country, it possibly is questionable.
(worst soccer non-fans in the world)

The USA world cup team? They deserve to advance the Fuck out of it! Guys played their hearts out despite two game altering miscalls. They would have won the second group match and scored earlier in the last game.

The French on the other hand, textbook sore losers. Calling it disgraceful doesn't begin to describe its monumental failure in humanity.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

cake and eat

Can we have our cake and eat it?

Can we satisfy our need for speed while maintaining a balance with our environment? To determine that we must revisit the origin of our intelligence tens of thousands of years ago (or maybe 4 millions) when the first human ancestors stood upright and freed their hands for tools. And speech, don't forget how important that was for brain development. With speech we were finally able to shed the skin that kept us primitive. We saw the intangibles, the past, the future, innovation, and hence culture.

That was the dawn of our civilization. Once that ship has sailed, there is no stopping it, until, until everything is gone, the sky, the ground, the air, the home, the livable habitats that have given us the necessary protection from the elements and dangers.

The Earth, our planet, is not going away. At least not anytime soon. When our star in the center of our solar system dies, it'll swell and swallow our planet. And until then, even though literally thousands of scenarios can end our existence, none seems as likely as ourselves. We are the scenario now. We can end this in a flash.

This is the crossroad. I know perhaps every generation has thought about this very idea, but we're closer than ever. BECAUSE, there are a record number of us. BECAUSE of our insatiable need for advancement.

Ironic, isn't it? That was what brought us here. That exact collective personality trait enabled us to strive as a species. That's why this is the crossroad.

We can't measure how beings and existence outside of our knowledge and power can and may end us. We can, however, wise up and deal with our desire to have more and better every time the clock ticks.

In 100 years, we'll either prove ourselves to be the parasites who do NOT deserve to occupy this beautiful pale blue dot; or we'll come through as a species and have found a way to curb our enthusiasm. We can have our cake and eat it?

Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice 2010

The longest day of the year (for northern hemisphere) and supposedly the first day of summer.

In this part of Japan
Today's sunrise: 4:24am
Today's sunset: 6:57pm
Day light lasts 14h 33m

Friday, June 04, 2010

f-king useless leaders

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Naoto Kan was elected prime minister at both houses of the Diet on Friday to replace outgoing Yukio Hatoyama.

Another one bites the dust. Another year. Another prime minister. Someone tell these heads of state that one political misstep, one broken promise doesn't merit their resignation.

Whatever happened to responsibilities? Whatever happened to integrity?

Four prime ministers in the last four years. FUCKING USELESS.