Monday, March 29, 2010

is it spring yet?


On my vacation, kid at school, wife at work, the sun behind wintery spring clouds. I stare at my S2000 sitting in the driveway, wishing winter would go away. Right now? 5 degrees Celsius, roughly 40F. Overnight low is -1C. A winter day in the beginning of spring, er no, a number of winter days. It's been cold.

With the road wet, I can still go and have a drive, but not as hard as I'd like.
With the rain coming down, I can't have the top down, which sucks.

It's hard to look at the paint job being so dull.
I eagerly wait until this last spurt of winter leaves my patch of roads.


The sun actually made an appearance after 2 days' absence. Warmed up the little rocket and went for an after-rain 12 noon drive. I've been living here in this part of Japan for more than 5 years so I know these country roads like the back of my hand. They are mostly empty except a couple of main arteries that run into the "busy" parts of town. The roads were just dry. Steam rising from the asphalt.

It leaves me only one question really. Should humans be given this much power on command by a flick of the wrist? And it's merely an S2000.

spit on it while it's under your choke hold

Bill Maher's latest editorial on Real Time asks the Democrats to forget about bipartisanship now that they have won a hard fought battle of health care reform. I really want to believe the fairy tale of governments of a large country like the US care about the people.

It's a lot like teaching math. You can't teach everything from the get-go. You'll have to ignore the little things that still don't make sense to little school kids. Yes pi = 3.14, and that's all you need to know, for now.

Bipartisanship, partisanship, non-partisanship or the like = 3.14. That's what we have to know if we need to get anything done in the real world. We'd want to tackle the problems of politicians are in a happy marriage with multinational corporations where the only concerns are their very own well being.


Why are we still at war?
Because with a "few" sacrificed young men and women, even we're at the wrong war, we send a strong message to the Middle East - Don't fuck with us! Other benefits include, but not limited to, global arm race, military industrial complex, country building (ironic), etc.

Let's pretend the world isn't run by a few rich private empires that operate and act on their own profits. If the lowly people want to get a little bit of a percentage of what we really want done, we'll have to stick to the value of our pi, for now.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Porsche steals show in Geneva

2. Porsche's game changer at Geneva Motor Show 2010
3. Monstrous hybrid the sweet future?
4. What happened to Porsche's lazy designers? (/sarcasm)
5. Can Porsche keep ludicrous promises?
6. VW not hindering Porsche's growth

Any number of these would be a completely valid title. Car enthusiasts around the world got hit by a fresh-faced all new hybrid concept by the secretive Stuttgart auto manufacturer. No one saw it coming, not the spy photographers, not industry insiders, not even rumors.

Not very often you'd go to an auto show where nobody even gives a second glance to stunning Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Pangani, not even Bugatti. People were there to see Porsche 918 Spyder Concept that they didn't know existed until last week. It is the center piece of the whole event.

Has Porsche gone bat shit insane claiming these numbers?

V8 engine = 500hp
motor = 218hp
0-100km/h (0-62mph) = 3.2s
Top speed = 198mph
fuel economy = 78 miles per gallon
carbon dioxide emission = 70 grams per km