Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sad story

It must have been a pretty deep kiss. True story, one time, a 15 year old kisses her boyfriend. Little does she know it would be her last kiss. The poor soul dies from an allergic reaction. No she's not allergic to boys, nor him the least bit venomous. She kisses him with the force of a woman longing for her war-ridden husband to return. It burns in her veins, be it youth, or simply the desire to touch another human being. Who knows what kind of relationship it'd turn out to be has she not kissed him. Actually if the kiss is a bit more casual it would allow enough time for the paramedics to rush her to the emergency room, where she would have a close call but quite surely come through...*

There are a million ways to die, but this is one of a kind.

SAGUENAY, Quebec - A 15-year-old girl with a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend, who had just eaten a peanut butter snack, hospital officials said Monday.
Canada of all places has made international headlines these couple of days. Still, no news is good news. And I've always admired Canada for that. The only time you see Canada on the news is when it's decriminalizing recrational drugs or legalizing same sex marriage.

*strictly fiction. i see it coming up in small talks. if you want to read news, follow the link below.

AP via Yahoo!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

welcome to the 80's

Gameplay is a little jerky here and there but certainly worth a try if you're dying to kill some time. The good thing about it is you play directly in your browser! Note: it uses Java and is completely free.

Over 800 video games from the famous NES console available on 1980 games. The section "arcade" on this site offers you the chance to play the great 80's classics. These old arcade games are gaining a new lease of life thanks to an emulator that restores them to how they were upon their release.
Reminiscing the past
familiar titles:

Saturday, November 26, 2005

street fashion

There is this website with snapshots of "interesting" fashion in the street of Tokyo. Sometimes I feel like I live in a different world. Wait a minute, I do.

Visitors are a few clicks away from a closer look into the heart of Japanese colorful democracy of fabrics. For better or for worse, 'til death do us part...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

How does a Turkey drink her wine?









In a gobble-let

Spare a turkey this Thanksgiving! To those of you celebrate Thanksgiving, give thanks! Have a good one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

desktop screenshots

current desktop:

old desktops:



Yes I have a widescreen computer. Don't hate.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

latenight confession

cant sleep. 1 of 3 reasons is I'm coughing like a terminally ill man. the other two cant tell.

one time when i was drivin a u-haul truck in bklyn i hit a parked car causing damage to the side mirror. one of those powered ones. musta cost at least 200 big ones. i just left. nor had i the proper license to operate such a large vehicle, didnt stop them renting me one for moving those uhaul mathafo'ers. musta been 5 years ago.

Monday, November 21, 2005

PI in Japan's parody

Political Incorrectness at its best.

Tokyo Breakfast is the name of a spoof TV sitcom pilot produced in 2000, seemingly intended for Japanese TV viewers, although the characters all speak English. The show is a parody of Japanese family life, making bizarre connections to African-American culture by having the characters use the term "nigga" with alarming regularity and familiarity. It also parodies Japanese culture itself to an extent with references to things like Japanese Animation and an almost futuristic display of technology.

The film, produced by Mike Maguire and Tom Kuntz, appeared in the 2001 Ohio Film Festival and also spread as an Internet meme.
Click for the six minute famed online video.

IMDb's Tokyo Breakfast page

comment: in all fairness, the so-called black culture is not exclusive to Japan. Other Asain countries have that hip hop influence also and some kids going all out in their blackness is not at all uncommon, although it's becoming a serious epidemic in Japan among teens in particular. While there is nothing wrong with the culture and style itself, copying without understanding the essence is disgraceful. Believe me, there are Asain Americans who call each other nigga all the time in New York City. Not a joke, or is it?

The worst of the said subculture is, not unlike hardgay, while something might be considered a fad, on the other hand, is not accepted as part of its own. One example would be a freind of mine from home who is black, went out with a girl who is Japanese, after dating for two years and spending one year planning for their wedding had to call it off since the girl's parents wouldn't allow it. The girl is my age, 28. Sad, on multiple levels, but true.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Isaac Newton

the alchemist!

Nova Newton's Dark Secret:
Nova website: here
Magic or Mainstream Science?
An interview on Newton's alchemy with historian Bill Newman

Wiki's page on alchemy:
Alchemy is an early protoscientific practice combining elements of chemistry, physics, astrology, art, semiotics, metallurgy, medicine, and mysticism. These practices were usually used outside of what is now known as the scientific method, however, alchemy can be regarded as the precursor of the modern science of chemistry prior to the formulation of the scientific method.

The most well known goal of alchemy was the transmutation of any metal into either gold or silver. Alchemists also tried to create a "Panacea", a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. The "Philosopher's stone" was believed to be an essential ingredient in these goals. This mythical substance was hypothesized to have the ability to do both. A third goal of many alchemists was creating human life.
Wiki's page on Philosopher's Stone:
The Philosopher's stone, a longtime "holy grail" of Western alchemy, is a mythical substance that supposedly could turn inexpensive metals into gold and/or create an elixir that would make humans younger delaying death. The Great Work, or Magnum Opus, refers to the quest for this stone. In addition, making the Philosopher's Stone is understood to confer a type of initiation upon the maker, and this initiation is the proper culmination of the Great Work.It is also known as the materia prima, or the magnum opus.

comment on the program: Nova barely scratches the surface on this one, making one wishing for more.

torrent link


I can't help but feel I have betrayed some of my friends whom must have been thought of as having been consequently abandoned by this guilt-ridden loner of a guy. There is pleasure in pain, mental in my case. When I was leaving for Japan in 2003 I said I'd return in a month but I haven't. It's now almost 2006. I care about these people I grew up with in highschool. But we are worlds different from basic views of the universe (or lack thereof) to life decision processing methodology, proactive as well as retroactive. I don't claim to be better than anybody but maybe they're a little less thoughtful. I don't spend my time thinking about nothing but "fun". Fun is, what it is, fun. I've been accused of being overly serious. Maybe a meant-to-be loner with a cunning set of social skills. Solitary lifestyle: eight months and counting.

People I used to care so much about who have somewhat fucked up lives or fucked up philosophy are farther and further away. I could laugh at their tasteless jokes but at the end of the day I know deepdown I felt there was no place for me. Taste of course is maybe the most subjective idea when someone doesn't see its value it's pretentious. However there are things you don't enjoy you just can't go on pretenting you do forever. Even though you do once in a while, a guilty pleasure. I admit I have downright terrible tastes in music. I found myself thinking of the girl I last dated, in the picture, and why past relationships ended with no apparent reasons, probably a bunch of them I involuntarily refuse to recognize. Bottom line, I think I deserve it.

yet to see to believe

In a nutshell: smarter men are willing to marry relatively dumber women. This leaves a deficit of smarter men for the smarter women to marry. This problem is not unique to Japan by any means. Does the the preference for equally well educated spouses run more strongly in some Western countries as compared to other Western countries?
Where is my smarter woman when I need her now?

article from
Dearth Of Suitable Males For University Educated Japanese Women

Pachinko in Japan

are surprisingly owned mostly by North Korean. A good source of income no doubt, perhaps the entire military budget.

Another badly-kept kept secret is that the North Korean economy relies on pachinko. In 1994, Japanese police testified in court that about 30% of the pachinko industry was controlled by North Koreans. If this is true, it would account for a massive amount of the $600 million sent to the Communist state from Japan each year. read on
It is an open secret in Japan that pachinko is one of the pillars upon which North Korea's economy rests. Police and economists estimate that up to 30 percent of the pachinko industry is controlled by North Koreans living in Japan, many of whom fun nel a portion of their profits across the Japan Sea to their homeland.

While pinball parlors might seem an unlikely underpinning for a national economy, even one as shaky as North Korea's, consider the numbers: Japan's 18,000 pachinko parlors ring up annual sales of $280 billion.

No one knows exactly how much profit there is in the shady, mob-connected world of pachinko, or how much of the game's proceeds wind up in North Korea. In 1994, Japanese police testified in parliament that $600 million or more was being sent to the world's last Stalinist state, much of it derived from pachinko. Japanese media and economists also have placed the number in that range, though some say it may have fallen by more than 80 percent. read on

Got the stories from this guy

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A 6.9 quake

hit off the east coast of Honshu (Japan's main island) causing a 50cm tsunami to reach a couple of towns along the coast. It happened early in the morning around 6:30am. At the time I was woken by the shaking and it lasted the longest of any quakes I've ever felt before, roughly a minute or so. Actually it could have been 30 seconds, which is still really long in earthquake terms. This is also my first tsunami-inducing quake. No injuries were reported so far.

edit: Another 6.1 hit today (Nov 16 around the same time in the morning). A little strange, two in a row.

U.S. Geological Survey's Preliminary Earthquake Report:
A strong earthquake occurred at 21:38:54 (UTC) on Monday, November 14, 2005. The magnitude 6.9 event has been located OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN. The hypocentral depth was estimated to be 30 km (18 miles).

A strong earthquake shook northern Japan early Tuesday, triggering a small tsunami that struck coastal towns about 200 miles from the epicenter. There were no immediate reports of damage.

The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9, hit at 6:39 a.m. (4:39 p.m. EST Monday) and was centered off the east coast of Japan's main island of Honshu, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and Japan's Meteorological Agency.

Tsunami waves of 12 and 19 inches hit the city of Ofunato, and 4- to 12-inch waves generated by the quake struck at least four other towns in the area, the agency said. Tsunami waves are often barely noticeable in the ocean but can rise to greater heights once they reach shore.

Ross Stein, a geophysicist with the USGS in Menlo Park, Calif., said the swell amounted to "a surfable tsunami."

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ice Hotel

It sounds like a very nice and romantic place to be. Discovery channel did a special on it. The ICEHOTEL is built and rebuilt every year with thousands of tons of ice and snow in the little village of Jukkasjârvi in northern Lapland, Sweden.

Intro taken from its website:
In Swedish Lapland, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, lies the village of Jukkasjärvi on the River Torne. Jukkasjärvi in Saami (Lappish) means "meeting place ", which is what the former Saami village has been for half a millennium. ICEHOTEL AB, the company that runs ICEHOTEL, has worked with tourism since the mid 1970s, and offers a wide range of activities such as white-water rafting, fishing, visits to a Saami camp, reindeer and dogsledding tours. Before ICEHOTEL, very few tourists came to Jukkasjärvi during the long, dark, cold and snowy winters. In 1989 however, Jukkas AB (now ICEHOTEL AB) decided to look upon winter as an asset instead.

A review from an English traveler:
Finally been & done it! It took a hell of a lot of organising, but tying everything up before going was well worth it. Doing it outside a travel agent also paid off big time! If you book the package through an agent you are tied to the trips they include. Often too long & before your ready & have acclimatised. You need 3 days. A good idea if you make your stay in the Ice Hotel itself, your 2nd night. You can then look at the Suites when your shown around & request one particular that you like. It may not be available but you could be lucky. It is despite the extra cost a very good idea to have a warm hotel room (Kaamos) as well as the Ice Hotel. This gives you somewhere to rest & relax, otherwise your things are in a locker in the warm,changing,Loo area. The night you stay in the Ice Hotel you can get your room after 6.30 pm all visitors leave by then. However it is Minus 5 & you can't take your things in your room as they would freeze. So you find most people busy with activities or The Vodka Ice Bar until it is time to sleep. You then collect a sleeping bag & liner to take to your room. You undress in the changing room & make a b-line for your bed & bag! It is quite comfortable & snug once in, but the mattress is hard!!! That actually bothered me much more than the cold. If you haven't slept ina sleeping bag since you were a child? It is a little claustrophobic, but the rooms are lovely. Good idea to sit warmly clothed & lie looking around "it is lovely" We had a suit, & it was worth the extra money. We had a drape of Ice with patterned snow flakes & free Fall written in with the bed cut in to the wall around 4 feet off the ground. It all glistens & sparkles & is an experience. You can turn your light off at the edge of the bed & they wake you between 7.30-8am with a hot fruit drink a little like Ribena. Booking the Hot tub privately is also a good idea. sitting in hot water with minus 30 plus outside & often snowing "is lovely" looking at the stars. Make sure you get the temperature right before you leap in & be aware it is much hotter at the bottom than on the surface! I got roasted & had to get out while my partner spent 20 mins pilling Ice & snow in to get the temperature down. Add more logs after your in & adjusted. The trips are very very expensive for us. ( the Swedes earn around 4 times our salary, so its about the same as it would be here for us, but as we are on much smaller incomes, it feels hard. An hour & a half Snowmobile (not to be missed!) is around £95.00 The Hot tub private around £75 (book last of the day & they will leave you until whenever. We came out around 3 in the morning, no one bothered us. The same with the Dog Sled again around £80-90 I think for an hour & a half. The 3 & a half hour trips & overnights out are much more expensive again. But your away from the Ice Hotel for a long time. OK if you have 3 days, but with 2 your not going to see it all. Better you book the outings the days after you arrive, you will have accustomed yourselves to the temperature better & got the feel of how much clothing you need. They say 3 layers. Believe me if your Dog Sledding Snowmobile you need more, especially on your feet & hands. You will need a face mask! Scarf around your chest & at least 2 pairs of socks. The little heat pads you get in the ski shops are a good idea, especially if you suffer from cold extremities!.. A meal for 2 in the restaurant will cost the best part of £100 with no booze! There is nothing else in the town. Apart from a little supermarket & believe it or not a Hamburger take away caravan! But at minus 30 ish it's gonna be cold before you start.! We bought stuff in the supermarket & made sandwiches Hot chocolate & cake in our hotel room. There are tea/coffee things & a hairdryer. The restaurant closes at around 11pm so the night you go to the Theatre "if you do" you won't get in to the restaurant. They are helpful they will make & leave sandwiches for you. The menu is mainly Fish & Reindeer. My partner won't eat either. they did Chicken for him on request. No problem Breakfast is wonderful the bread is fresh made with fresh yeast, there is so much, if you eat well, to be honest you really don't need much else!... We went in to Kiruna, there is very little there. Nothing of any particular interest. A supermarket a linen.tableware shop, a very nice tea rooms with good food & a nice Coffee/Chocolate/gift shop run by an extremely sweet Gay guy who is so, so helpful & very amusing! It cost around £20 each way in a cab although there are buses. Believe me you don't want to stand around waiting in that weather! In the Village by the Ice Hotel there is a nice little church & beside there a plot of land the Sami people keep a few tents & reindeer. Sadly at a distance these were the only ones we saw. You need to go up in the the mountains with them on a trip to see more. Beware very cold. Hotel room are very warm & cosy, lovely & clean. When you start getting booted & suited to go out "it will become unbearable!!!" As you dress open the windows & doors let it air & freeze down to make it comfortable to dress. As you leave shut up again It will be cosy again when you get back. Drinks are around £7 a time, ice bar or bar anywhere in fact. Beer more than £5, so be prepared. Just to let you know we went to Stockholm on the way. The round trip plus the Grand 5 star Hotel was around 4oo each which was great Stockholm very nice . We will definitely go again & spend longer, but it made a good start to the Kiruna trip & also helped greatly with cost. Thistle Hotel groups tour operator on-line lets you book round trip with days away! So they did our round flights although we only stayed with them for the 2 days in Stockholm & then went off to Kiruna buying the tickets Stockholm-Kiruna-Stockholm. Great time. I would do it again & change little that I organised!. There is a train to Kiruna from Stockholm over night & I think I would add a day to do that next time "simply for the views!" Had too much trouble finding out how to book this time. But I think would be worth the try. Hope this helps. Sam

Unlike the visitors, I'm really interested in actually living there. Imagine with the vehicles I have (in my dream), especially the WRC STi, I can slide on ice for a very long time. A constant subzero temperature, now that warms my heart.

ICEHOTEL English page
360 degree panoramic view
more reviews from other travelers
Pictures from websites, here and here.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

It never hurts

to do a little cheery daydreaming.

If you won the lottery, what would you do? By the way, in the U.S. the powerball pays out as much as $340 million, as opposed to Japan's stingy loto6, a mere 15,991,200 yen (=135K US dollars) to the most recent winner.

Fourty precent of which would go to my mom, dad, and two sisters for 10% each. That leaves me sixty precent to work with. Say, in the case of the freakish powerball, it roughly comes out to be $120M after tax. Here goes:

  • One daily driver, Honda S2000 hardtop, agile, comfy, lightly tuned. Standard specs: 2.2L I4, 6 Speed Manual Horsepower 240.

  • One track-day machine, Nissan GT-R R34, fully tuned by HKS, NISMO, A'PEXi, BLITZ, MINE's, or JUN, whichever ends up with most torque. Z-tune specs: 500 hp, 400 lb-ft torque, 2.8-liter race-bred engine.

  • One supercar, McLaren F1 LM, production car's landspeed record holder up until 2002, top speed 240 mph. Specs: Mid-Engine/RWD, 6-Speed Manual, V12, 680bhp @ 7800rpm, 520lb-ft @ 4500rpm, 0-60mph: 3.5sec.

  • One fun car, the original Mini Cooper (61-69), rebuilt from the engine on.

  • One off-roader, Subaru World Rally Team car (WRC 2005 Prototype). specs: Flat 4-cylinder, 16 valve, turbocharged, 300bhp @ 5500rpm, 60kg-m @ 4000rpm, Prodrive 6-speed electro-hydraulic.

  • One traveler, Cessna 172, (160hp) Lycoming O-320-H2AD l4 piston engine, Max speed 232km/h (125kt), max cruising speed 226km/h (122kt), probably the easiest to fly passenger vehicle.

  • One un-purchasable, SR-71 Blackbird (unarmed), horizontal flight: 85,068.997 ft (25,929.031m), Max speed 2,193.167 mph. (Mach 3.31).

And then I'd travel the world in these vehicles, but probably end up in a pile of wrecked metal, completely worthy.

some questions

that are usually not asked, probably for good reasons.

When a wife, god forbid, falls into a coma, can her husband have sex with her, provided that she is in perfect physical health? Do these husbands consult the doctor or the nurse first, or get permission? Will that improve the chance of waking her up? As far as I know there is "stupor, in which a person is unconscious but will eventually respond to repeated, vigorous stimulation." But, will that qualify as borderline necrophilia? Not that I'm into necrophilia. If anything I'm awful scared of dead things. I'm not against it either, much like homosexuality, not for it, not against it. As long as two (or more) consenting adults are at it, who gives what they are doing. But that's what's difficult. You can't consent when you're dead. Now can you?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

shoes worn-out

I suspect the way I drive has worn out my pair of daily walkers/work shoes that have been with me for only one year. Especially the long drive to Hokkaido must have taken its toll on them. The left sole broke in the middle due to frequent and heavy quick steps on the clutch. The right shoe has taken a completely different beating, from tapping the gas and brake pedals. It's torn at the seam in the front from a hell of a lot lifting motion. I wonder how many people drive the way I do. I use long and short blips on the brakes, only step firmly when expecting a full stop. But a lot of the time I prefer lifting and easing off the throttle instead of actual braking. And there is always the choice of engine brake, although make very sure the driver behind you know your intention by blip-braking a couple of times.

As a result of these habits, my shoes are trashed in completely distinct manner separating left from right. Funny it sounds a bit like the US political sphere.

If anyone wants to take his/her car on a track day run, or just do some sporty driving, do not wear these shoes:

  • sneakers, especially basketball kicks
  • platform shoes, unless you're too short to reach
  • slippers, obviously
  • shoeless, obviously
  • shoes with slippy sloes or too worn for grip

Bottom line you got to be able to feel the pedals real nice. So an ideal pair of driving shoes have a sole that's rigid enough to offer support and thin enough for the driver to feel the pedals. Simpson makes some really great racing/driving shoes:

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

life on Mars

No, there are no new discoveries that indicate there is/was life on Mars, not that we know of anyway. But if any planet should have had any kind of lifeform on it, besides our own, it could almost only have been Mars. It might have been blue like Earth is now hundreds of million of years ago, or longer. Then as the solar system expans outwards, like the universe does, it's got farther away from the Sun, leaving it colder* and less inhabitable. As the botany/biota died out, so did the liveliness. The same fate awaits us here on Earth. Are you ready? Looking at Mars is like looking into a possible future of humankind. It seems a bit gray. That is, however, only if we last long enough before we burn our own planet down.

*Mars' orbit is significantly elliptical. One result of this is a temperature variation of about 30 C at the subsolar point between aphelion and perihelion. This has a major influence on Mars' climate. While the average temperature on Mars is about 218 K (-55 C, -67 F), Martian surface temperatures range widely from as little as 140 K (-133 C, -207 F) at the winter pole to almost 300 K (27 C, 80 F) on the day side during summer. (taken from

What would it be like to walk across Mars? The robot Opportunity rover is currently experiencing what it is like to roll across part of the red planet. It's not always easy -- the rover is being instructed to dodge the deeper drifts of dark sand. During its exploration of Erebus Crater, the rover stopped and took the above picture. Inside this part of Erebus Crater, the surface of mars is covered not only by dark sand but also light outcrops of rock. Scattered across the exposed rock are numerous small round pebbles known as blueberries . Typically smaller than marbles, these unexpected and unusual rocks likely formed by accretion in an ancient wet environment. Also visible are some strange protruding edges known as razorbacks. The above image was taken early last month. ( taken from NASA's Astronomy pic of the day)

Life on Mars?
Spherix - Mars Research
Scientists say Nakhla meteorite hints at life on Mars
Possible Relic Biogenic Activity in Martian Meteorite ALH84001

Sunday, November 06, 2005

not your day

Okla. High School Hoops Team Loses 112-2

EARLSBORO, Okla. - The Hanna High School basketball team can take some consolation: It didn't get shut out.

It did, however, lose 112-2 on Friday night to Earlsboro.

"It was embarrassing to watch," Earlsboro coach Jim Walling told The Oklahoman. "But you can't just tell your kids not to score. I've been coaching 27 years and have never been involved in something like this."

The Wildcats led 42-0 after one quarter and 73-2 at halftime. Walling pulled his starters in the second half, and game officials kept a running clock, stopping it only for free throws.

Each player on Earlsboro's 10-man boys' roster scored. Seven players finished in double figures.
Extremely lopsided game, how did they achieve that? Even if someone just flips the ball up the team should have a better chance to score more than TWO points, two freaking points. Did all five of the starters drop down and play dead? Read some funny messages on Yahoo! board.

Bush loses 2154 - 0
by: interstate_101 (32/M)
Msg: 3 of 286

2154 GIs dead and 0 WMD found.
It is embarrassing to watch Dubya make a fool of himself everyday.
Those Kids Aren't Going To Score Ever
by: Rosco6767
Msg: 32 of 291

with the cheerleaders.
by: misterjingleslittlerock
Msg: 45 of 291

Re: Coach should be removed
by: massage246
Msg: 51 of 291

Lets see, the winning team was already playing their second string. I guess they should have put on blindfolds and tied one arm behind their backs to make it fair.
DRUG TEST !!!!!!NOW!!!!!!
Msg: 83 of 292

At times like these I do believe in drug testing students,...How the hell do you only score 2 ??? What is this a school for the blind ?? He said it was embarrassing, thats not the half of it. this should cause some people to move out of town !!!!SHHHEESSSS, What you gonna say "" Yep my sons on that team ""??? "You should have seen that shot "!!!
"Prettiest 2 pointer.."...not me, brother !!!!
by: penn06
Msg: 103 of 292

their real basketball team was out getting drunk. they were replaced with dogs and cats was why the score was so lopsided. there was no one in the audience so no one noticed.

And some possible reason behind such a mess:

Hanna High School's total enrollment. .
by: rkleine45150
Msg: 174 of 293

is only 38 students, whereas Earlsboro's is 87. The winning school had a larger pool of talent from which to draw players.

Yahoo! news

quality has gone down

From an existentialist's viewpoint, the quality of posts has gone down dramatically. I've been preoccupied with more practical and immediate thoughts lately. For example, where I'll go after this job and what I'll do. I even thought about ending the contract early, which expires next March, when I'm quite sure I don't want to recontract. Not that the place is not pleasant, not particularly, but I think my Japan's honeymoon is truly over now I've been here for over two years. The whole Japan-ness, both intriguing and nauseating as ever, has got the better of me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I am complaining about it, just maybe a breather is in order.

It's mostly substance over content. Someone ought to invent a waterproof computer for use in the bathroom. When that shower hits my head, somehow I think of the most interesting idea, metaphysical or not. Moments later it's gone just as swiftly.

I'm going to miss Japan bigtime. I'll sit down somewhere reminiscing the soon-to-be past. Japan will be one of the wildest things I'll have ever done. All the things I loved and hated.

Phases a typical gaijin goes through while in Japan:
  • First, 0 day - 3 months, every single thing in sight is amazing, pic-worthy.
  • Second, 3 months - 1 year, learns as much Japanese as possible, makes friends.
  • Third, 1 year - 2 years, an experienced Japaner, smart ass knows-it-all.
  • Fourth, 2 years - 4 years, crossroad, to stay or to go.
  • Fifth, 4 years - 6 years, if not yet marry a Japanese person, will soon.
  • Sixth, 6 years - 10 years, really mastering the language, owns own business or climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Seventh, 10 years onwards, why bother, stays for good.

Warning (three major cultural shocks):
right after the first phase;
right after the second phase;
and during the fourth phase.


dude got mad yo-yo skillz yo!

No seriously he does. As a matter of fact he's the 2005 Japan Yo-Yo champion.

video link

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tokyo Motor Show (pics)

edit: I added a few more pics that better showcase the focal point of this year's show.

GT-R Proto

and a black beauty:

Here are the pics I promised. Original post here - 39th Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsuoka Orochi:

The "OROCHI Nude-Top-Roadstar" is a new design proposal that expands the frame of the conventional "OROCHI". Our design approch is to vividly and directoly appeal to one's sight, spirit and sensitivity. The "OROCHI Nude-Top-Roadstar" exemplifies how this new approach is taking form. We applied a more open design and gull-wing doors to the previous road-version prototype "OROCHI". The name "Nude-Top" is well suited for this beautiful and stylish design. We even went so far as to not attach any side mirrors in order to create a daring design that would bring forth this new "OROCHI". We hope that you will take a close look at this unique design.

I didn't take one decent pic of the GT-R Proto:

At the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, Nissan unveiled the GT-R Concept, confirming that the GT-R legend would be continued into the 21st century. Then, at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show in 2003, Nissan announced the next-generation GT-R would be rolled out in 2007. Now with the launch of the production model just two years away, the development of the new GT-R has moved ahead again with the reveal of the GT-R PROTO.

Maserati MC12:

The result is that 37 long years after its last victory in an international championship (1967, Cooper Maserati F1, South African Grand Prix), the Trident is returning to the track. Maserati has designed a new road-going Grand Tourer known as the MC12 from which a GT racing version has also been developed.

Lamborghini Murcielago:

There are new features on the Lamborghini flagship, the 12-cylinder Murciélago Model Year 2006. The most important of these is without doubt the possibility to equip the car with carbon-ceramic brakes. Carbon-ceramic discs offer clear benefits:braking efficiency remains constant at both low and high temperature, with no fading, even after hard use improved handling, agility and efficiency shorter braking distances with reduced pedal effort. These advantages are complemented by:
longer lifetime
lighter than steel
state of the art system

The Murciélago MY 06 has a range of new options. Optional equipment includes the "Interior Carbon Package", where a number of the interior components are made from carbon fibre.

ticket, manufacturer brochures:

Alright, I admit they were bad shots, so visit these:
the cars:
hot chicks:
more beautiful girls: