Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

2009! Wasn't partying-like-no-tomorrow new millennium year 2000 (I know I know it's actually 2001) just a while ago? Why, why? Father time where have you gone?

Wishing all a Happy Holiday! Fuck it, I think we should keep saying Merry Christmas so it can be diluted even further. That's right,


If time and money permitted, I would have gotten my beloved S2000 a few upgrades.
1) a new ECU, bring on 8500 rpm
2) a muffler system, stuffy nose? What's that?
3) a few gauges, warm the hell up now
4) a front lip

Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow and quakes

Purple: snow
Blue: rain

Bucketful of snow being dumped on half of Japan as the real winter season kicks off. In this part of Japan where warmer Pacific Ocean currents are keeping the conditions undesirable for snow, we have yet to see any. Warm is however not how I'd describe it with overnight outside temp at -2C (28.4F).

top 10 snow accumulated regions (courtesy

1. 道央 朱鞠内 127cm 注意報 (Hokkaido)
2. 道央 幌加内 108cm 注意報
3. 道北 音威子府 102cm 注意報
4. 岐阜 長滝 98cm 警報 注意報
5. 福島 只見 98cm 警報 注意報
6. 新潟 入広瀬 95cm 警報 注意報
7. 山形 櫛引 93cm 警報 注意報
8. 岐阜 白川 91cm 警報 注意報
9. 秋田 矢島 82cm 注意報
10.岐阜 河合 82cm 警報 注意報 (Gifu)


In other news, we have had some 120 earthquakes west of Tokyo as large as 5.3M on the Richter Scale in just 2 days' time.
Between morning hours of the 17th and 8pm on the 18th (JST), 121 earthquakes powerful enough to be felt have shaken the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Nine of those earthquakes have been rated as a three or above on the JMA seismic intensity scale, which measures shaking on the earth’s surface. Any score of three or more is described as “rather strong” and felt by most people in the affected area.

The two most powerful quakes so far have each registered 5.3 in magnitude on the Richter scale, or a weak five on the JMA’s scale. They hit the Izu Peninsula at approximately 11:45pm on the 17th and 8:45am on the 18th. link
A yesterday news clip:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

traffic jam epiphany

We can all use this guy's advice. Imagine a world rid of angry drivers, without stupid road "fights", unnecessary jams.

Luckily, traffic jams don't happen to me. I'm in a bit of a driving heaven this neck of the woods. We have only one lane each way majority of the time. If I'm in a hurry I step on the gas a little (or a lot), switch to opposite lane, pass slower cars, merge, repeat. There simply isn't enough traffic on my daily commute to be all stressed out. I leave my house noon-ish, get home later than most people. No rush hours for me, yay.

Suck on that!

Friday, December 04, 2009