Thursday, April 26, 2007

back from NYC and Key West, FL

Sorry about the late post. We got back a few days ago and are busy with other things: among them, starting a new school under my own name. There are more than meet the eyes of course, contract details, shopping for textbooks, furnishings, etc.

Getting the Interweb proves to be an obstacle in our new apartment. After waiting for 2/3 of a month the phone company just told us we can't get their ADSL without a phone line. But we have no intention installing one because "owning" the right to a landline costs a small fortune in Japan. We both have our cell phone so that's out of the question.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Getting online has been a little more difficult.

Away notice:
(We'll be away for 10+ days to go to the US to say hi to family and friends, as well as a pre-wedding mini-honeymoon.)
April 13th - 19th (NYC, NJ, PA)
April 19th - 23rd (Miami, Key West)

Saturn from Below