Monday, February 27, 2006

widescreen wallpapers v.3

Black and white
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Other colors
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Again, sorry for not giving proper credits for these although their file names might contain enough clues of respective originators.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

let go

Letting go is as difficult as can be, being impalpable and arbitrary. Relinquishments of what you love, of all shapes and sizes, futile or otherwise, take bits of courage and commitment. It's one of those easier said than done things.

I am suffering from another lack-of-a-better-word moment. While it is likely my own fault, I blame it on not owning a decent dictionary. The closest thing I have is an English-Japanese electric pocket learner. Sleep this point in time is very far-off. I managed to stay up through daybreak.

iTunes, Old 80's, and lingering chill in the morning air make a sweet union. Lots of things are better older, deep in drawers of filed away memories, making it all the more harder to actually loose that grip.

Some of the more significant let-go rites of passage:

let go to live
let go to love
let go to own
let go to learn
let go to parent
let go to believe
let go to approach

Again if a major quake hits now, I'll be ready to get out in no time, considering myself a hack of a lucky guy.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stage 4 finale

"Youngsters' challenge continues anon..."

Ladies and gents, the hit illegal racing series Initial D has just concluded its 4th "season". Episodes 23 and 24 have been released since yesterday on pay-per-view Cable in Japan. I must say as a bit of a car guy and animation fan I liked the 1st stage the best. Nothing that comes after it makes enough of an impact can rival the initial concepts. That said, the conclusion is a delightful one. Unlike some of the critics out there, I thought it was well-planned and loose-ended intentionally with room for a possible 5th Stage. I certainly hope that there will be more Initial D stages since the CG is outstanding along with amusing but quite honestly downright impossible driving strategies, which never fail to entertain. Like all good Japanese animes and comics there are lessons to be learned, besides kids and adults alike speeding down open hills.

Go to your favorite torrent search engine and put in "RAW Initial D" you'll find what you want. No subs yet you who don't speak Japanese shall wait. M~HA...A! (my Japanese has improved so much I'm a bit overjoyed.)

For those who don't know or care. I once drove to Gunma prefecture where the story started and did some speedy slow runs myself on Mt. Akina (real name: Haruna), Usui Pass, and Mt. Myogi. For that I can only say it was one of the best driving experiences of my life! Suck on that Arcade Stage fans!

OK, things that Initial D fans might not know is that all the way up Mt. Akina (Haruna) there is a lake, and next to it is a fairly decent onsen (hot springs) resort. Harunako Spa's website can be found here. That might be where the tofu gets delivered to. ^_^ In addition, ice fishing is also an option on the lake provided it's cold enough to freeze over. Also click here for a Harunako's onsen report. Perhaps the most unknown fact about Haruna is that its sister city in the States is located in Missouri: Grandview. They are probably equal on the aspect of being in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Winter O.

For all your winter Olympics needs, click. They have mostly CBC coverage which lets you see it from a Canadian perspective. Not a bad angle I say. Pay attention to what they say. They're always more laid back and content with what they've got. "Our athletes are in the top ten!" is an amazing feat but people tend to forget. It's not always take all or else. And Claire Martin, the meteorologist, reminds me of, well, Claire Martin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Valentine's Day in Japan is a day when you can officially overdose on choco goodies if you're a guy. I've been enjoying my obligatory chocolate tremendously, but there is questionable packaging that might not sell well has it been elsewhere. For example, a cigarette box? bandage? Although I'm sure kids love them.

Friday, February 10, 2006

newest member of the Griffins

Pat back in Ehime has just squeezed out a baby boy. Well he didn't, his wife did. Credits to the moms in the world. Congrats to them both!!

link to little Pax's website. Wow! these days babies are born into a world with website and email already dedicated to them.

Time to learn some Motherese.
* beddy-bye (go to bed)
* binkie (pacifier)
* boo-boo (small painful bump or bruise)
* bubby (brother)
* didee (diaper)
* din-din (dinner)
* doo-doo (feces, defecation)
* ickle (little)
* icky (disgusting)
* jammies (pajamas)
* nana (grandmother)
* pee-pee (urination; or penis)
* oopsie-daisy (or whoopsie-daisy) (small accident or fall; from "upside-down?"; or to be slightly tossed up in the air & caught by an adult)
* sissy (sister)
* stinky (soiled with feces)
* tinkle (urination)
* wee-wee (urination)
* widdle (little)
* yucky (disgusting)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

feeling lucky

I hardly stay up this late to dream out loud in this blog anymore. The last time I did this might have well been over four months ago. I was doing a little rereading like any good teenage girl would her diary, not being the teenage girl that I'm not, only to find too many mistakes, gramatical, spelling and it sometimes too clumsy to be logically comprehensible. I know it's no real journal but I prefer to keep it literary. Quite obviously I would appreicate otherwise taken too lighthearted highschool literature courses.

It doesn't mean that I don't stay up late anymore, or have insomnia now and then. I do. When it happens I always feel kind of lucky. I feel that if a deadly earthquake strikes now I'll already have been awake and ready to run. Maybe only a mentally unbalanced person like me would spot anything like that as luck. But I'm feeling lucky nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I've been having trouble saying anything meaningful in here. Things happen. Things happen everyday, with various degree of mundane regularity. As a matter of fact, what's routine to me might actually be reasonably spellbinding to others. For example, the other day a certain manager leaving, an office theft, a new employee, an altered schedule, a farewell party, an immature girl, some 20 movies. All of these have happened in a period of two months.

Indeed the more I want to write about inductive reasoning, the less I can write about it. Those mundane regularities always get in the way.

I guess my point is that there are interesting things to report, events directly related to me or something I've come across through reading and such. I fail miserably though to muster the necessary strength to put them down in writing, which has helped me tremendously to gain conscious perceptivities over the past year. I'll someday quite possibly go back to step number one and regain that new found enthusiasm.