Saturday, April 24, 2010

JDM cars in the pipeline

or rumored to be...

There are plenty of speculations, spy reports, insiders' leaks on these "secret" developments. So I'm not going to speculate any more here. Assuming all of them will make production in 5 years (2011 - 2016), this list would be my favorite.

1) Honda new NSX (or whatever it'll be called) based on HSV-010 GT

why? If the name Honda NSX isn't enough persuasion, then there is the most menacing stance I've ever seen with a Japanese car. An instant classic. VTEC V8, FMR lay-out, light, pure as pure comes.

2) Mazda RX7 (2012?)

why? Despite this ugly picture of a mock-up, the sight of a brand new RX-7 would be very incredibly attractive, not to mention long overdue. As wonderfully flawed and unique as the RX-8 is, it's time to move on.

3) Mazda Roadster (MX-2? 2012?)

why? Going back to MX-5's root. What made it such a good car isn't the power, but the weight, or the lack of it. 990kg (~2181lb), handles.

4) Honda CR-Z Type-R (non hybrid)

why? The half hearted hybrid is for the general public. Now give the enthusiasts a reason to buy Honda again, come on.

5) Subaru WRX STI coupe (or sedan)

why? Subaru is known for their special versions. This one would make a few more people happy. Niche market!! A few more dedicated performance parts as well please!

6) Subaru AE86 STI (in my dream?)

why? Why the hell not? FR, Toyota AE86 bloodline, Subaru's boxer engine, perhaps turbo charged, STI treatment.

7) Mazda Furai (first Mazda production supercar?)

why? Mazda won 1991 Le Mans with a 787B. Show us the sky is the limit, pretty please?

to be continued................

Friday, April 23, 2010

playoffs underway, but F1... where my heart is at this season.

NBA basketball is booooooooooooring! Where are the stars? Maybe they'll pick up the pace deeper into the post season.

I'll have a bucketful of Formula One instead please. I don't really have a clear favorite but I guess I'm naturally rooting for last year's driver's champion Button. Wait, before you bash me, hear me out.

1) Button drove for Honda in 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

2) That means there is a connection between him and my S2000, and NSX, which he owns (owned). Kind of like Senna and the NSX.

(not his actual car in this pic)

3) Jessica Michibata being the coolest, needless to say gorgeous, sportsman's girlfriend, good choice so far (yatta indeed, Jessica)

4) But most importantly, his driving style. (smooth as silk)

5) And what a down-to-earth all-around laid-back dude.

Yes, yes, yes, you're right. Hamilton is a better, funner to watch driver. And yes you're right again Button doesn't have as much consistency as, say Schumacher, or Alonso, nor did he win the championship with Honda. But to me he's (tire-management) smart. Going fast gets you somewhere, but being smart and pretty quick makes the race that much more interesting. Go Button.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How much I would love to up and move to Otaru, Hokkaido (北海道小樽市). Why? For one it possesses all the main ingredients to be a great place to live.

A brief view of Otaru (in English)

overview in Japanese

It's the right size
243.13 km^2 (93.9 sq mi)
pop = 137,693 (2008 est.)

It's in the right place
20 odd kilometers from Sapporo
coastal Hokkaido facing Japan Sea
port city, relatively culturally diverse

It has the most balanced geological features
Several mountains, plenty of hills
coastal, sandy beaches

It has the right kind of climate
snow in winter, great for skiing
hot in summer, short and not humid

Okinawan music surprisingly matches the atmosphere 3000km away

On a very different topic, Otaru residents are seeing snow tonight, smack in the middle of April. Neighboring Sapporo is experiencing hurricane-like wind speeds. This is recording breaking unseasonal weather at its best/worst.

latest weather report, winter tires a must!