Tuesday, June 30, 2009

test driven

A while ago before I bought my new car, I went on a test-driving spree. These were the ones I drove and my pros and cons about them.

Mazda RX8 (Type RS)
pros: RENESIS rotary engine smooth as silk; 9k redline; Type RS seats hug like gloves; seats 4
cons: gallops gasoline, shocking even with its reputation; handles a little like a larger car

Mazda Roadster RHT (MX-5 elsewhere)
pros: mean little engine grunts; hardtop; handles; fun everyday sports car
cons: not enough hp; front grille styling questionable; cheap-looking dash

Subaru Impreza WRX STi
pros: quickest of the bunch; turbo; hauls family; wonderful seat options
cons: handles like a big car; boring looks; low redline

Nissan Fairlady Z (370Z elsewhere)
pros: great handling; plenty of power; well designed
cons: door handle; love it or hate it front grille; wanting to be a Porsche

And of course I chose

Honda S2000 (Type S, Club Racer in the US)
pros: superb handling; VTEC engine; 8200rpm redline; stiff suspenions; least compromises in price range
cons: dated interior

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009

take a bow, Federer

I am not a tennis fan. I have never owned a racket. I have only played tennis twice in my whole life.

But I am very attracted to Federer as an athlete. He plays so fluidly it's like he's not trying that hard. Yet he has accomplished, after today's win at French Open, the highest honor of a tennis player. He equals Sampras' most Grand Slam titles of all time. He should, quite worthily and certainly, surpass that in the near future. His swings are so complete and effortless. They almost seem godly.

On a rare occasion I watched 2008 Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal live on NHK. It may have gone down as the greatest ever tennis match ever (deserving of 2 evers). It started at 11pm Japan time and went on forever until 5:00 in the morning. The result went to Nadal, but that match has never ended.

I respect Nadal as a hustle tennis wizard with sheer force. The problem is that it ends there too. Besides his prowess, Nadal can be so uncomfortable in his own skin, scratching his private, moaning like he is having sex, in the shower, with a hippo. As soon as a match is over though he goes back to being a pro. He is and will continue to be an undeniable force for years to come. The fact that he's only 23 is ridiculous!

It begs the question, "How can the best rivalry in tennis history, having accomplished so much against each other, be this different in grace in their playing style?"

John McEnroe interviews Federer after his 14th Grand Slam win

The only thing that would make this sweeter for Federer? Beating Nadal while getting there. At least that means he still got hurdles to clear. For now, G.O.A.T., take a bow.

If you, tennis fan or otherwise, are not watching these two play one and other, you're seriously missing out.