Tuesday, February 22, 2011

saw a test mule tonight

The goods:

-Really really excited about seeing a test mule on my way home from work.
-full zebra prints hiding the design
-it's a hatchback (could be the next gen Suzuki Swift Sport)
-probably a Japanese manufacturer (here in Japan of course)
-my first ever spotting a test mule in full disguise
-the body disguise looked something like this (completely different shape needless to say)

The bads:

-10 at night, didn't get a chance to see it real good
-my guess can be way off, may be a Lexus hatch

The questions:

-We're so far from any car development facilities in this part of Japan (Chiba ken)
-parts manufacturers test their brakes and other safety systems near here, but not a full car
-If a family hatch, absolutely no reasons to use a test mule with full disguise
-guy driving the mule gave me a good long look because I revved and went real slow past him, wishing him good luck
-please give us something good!