Saturday, May 29, 2010

real Carter please stand up

Someone who looks like you is playing in the playoff as a Magic.

One of the most disappointing sport stars of all time. The most celebrated dunker -> the most underwhelming millionaire athlete. Can anyone suck more?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

to mod or not to mod

....that is the question.

Honda S2000 ended its 10-year production run last year (2009 or Heisei 21). For an S model (S500, S600, S800 etc) it was considered successful. It's never meant to be a mass market highly profitable dime-a-dozen car. In fact we can't really be sure it was profitable for Honda until you factor in such intangibles like brand image. Now it begs the question- should I mod my last-production-year top-of-the-line S2000, or leave it as stock as possible, hence preserving the will of its designers (most importantly Uehara-san's).

If I decide to mod it (fully tuned in above pic)
good: more capable, personalized, more trackable
bad: expensive, not as clean, regrets 10 years down the road

If I decide against it (bone stock pic above)
good: very clean look, linear power delivery
bad: not tapping into its truest potential

Well I guess another choice would be going to Spoon (the best modder out there who knows Honda's balance) for some light tuning. Maybe that's what I'm going to do.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May updates

Has the world always been so fucked up (short answer: yes), or have we just grown up? (another yes?) So what has the reality come to in this one month's time?


Elena Kegan as a US supreme court justice (if confirmed)
sees US seeking intellects to staff important public offices. It's time to move on. The world has changed. It is the 21st century. Now let's just wait for baby boomers (60 y/o) to die out so we can have a more progressive society.

Miss USA a Lebanon-born Muslim beauty
Whether she can keep her crown may be a different story. But if the world wants to survive the second half of this century we're going to have to find a solution to religious/cultural clash between the West and the Middle East. I think she qualifies in all aspects but beauty-eye-beholder. Now Israel why are you so Nazi-like?


BP oil spill
Is oil gushing out thousands of gallons per minute a spill? By definition it still is. Fishing gone, marine ecosystem lost, pollution up 1000%, and no end in sight. We're fucked as ever.

Thailand anti-government demo
A full blown state-of-emergency war on the ground is going on between the battle-ready army and Red-shirt demonstrators. They're fucked. We can only hope there is a silver lining behind the massive clouds.


World population projection in 40 years
tops 9 billion. If the projection is correct (likely), by 2050 we'll have to double current food production, which already uses 99.9% of cultivatable land on earth, to accommodate the extra 2B people. Pretty much every single problem in the world can be solved by having a smaller population. Please, have fewer kids! China's one-child policy won't look so bad in 20 years (not that it's humane; educating women would probably do). We're mega-fucked.