Wednesday, August 10, 2005

@Aomori internet cafe

Two days, 700km later. Here I'm in Aomori(青森), sitting in an Internet cafe, updating my blog.
Here is a map showing the route I took:
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As much as I like driving, it's killing me. First day I drove for 8 hours, today I drove a whopping 11 hours. In terms of number, it ain't that bad. But it will continue on for a while. I hope Wakkanai (稚内) is worth it!

Compared to the first night, I'm in heaven. The first night I "slept" in my car in a parking lot. Although I was able to get a nice onsen bath today. That helped a bit to recharge.

So far I'm using almost one tank of gas per day. I'm driving a company car (kei, a stick-shift with some problems). It's got a very small tank. It costs about 2300yen 3/4 of a tank. I'm proud of the car. It's 11 years old. It's been driven by a dozen of people. I was fully expecting it to break down the first day or two. So far it does okay.


Anonymous said...

nice to hearing from you during the trip. I can see you like driving very much. How about the places, the people, the food .....

Tony said...

Sorry, that's me.


kiki said...

toddo i love your blog,its just so, random. i have been perusing on a regular basis so figured you needed a response so you dont stop. i always read it with my mouth slightly ajar in wonder, although you gotta get that wallpaper fetish under control. Alison left on wednesday, at her farewell party she recounted a wondrous tale of how parisien sewers, or catacombs as she euphemistically referred to them, had nipped her promising career in geology in the budd. you gotta love her. she left 2 tetrapods at my flat too, aaaah. oh, i got a computer that i dont really know how to work, but i should be connected soon ( the lack of a phone socket in my pad is proving problematic)so you can look forward to more shit from me very soon. take care in the frozen north, J

todd said...

Hi guys, thanks for commenting.

I'll try to update as often as I can. I'll have to write more once I get back. The Internet is incredibly expensive, much like anything else in Japan.

The forzen north is the best around this time of year. But you know I prefer winter. I'd love to be here in the winter. But MOST of the roads are closed due to blizzard-like weather EVERY single day.

Amazing country!

It's not random. None of the stuff here is random, although it seems that way. ^_^ There is some sort of a code only I know. There are good reasons behind most of the posts but I embrace subtlety.

todd said...

I just realized, it's only not random for me. ^_^ But it is for anyone else. Welcome to Utoddpia!