Monday, August 08, 2005

my own wild sheep chase

When it's all said and done, a lifetime would literally be the blink of an eye. Live in today, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Make e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y good to the last drop. (this is a marker)

off to Hokkaido
The plan:
Driving to Hokkaido (Wakanai, if possible) using only local national roadways. It'll be roughly two weeks. Sleeping in the car, beaches, internet cafes, or maybe once in a while hotels.

update #1:
ending up going by myself.
coastal route all the way.

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Since I'm going by myself, I decided to wait for Dicovery to come home first. Fingers crossed, but at the same time, extreme as it may sound, it'll take one more accident for NASA to get moving with the new space age orbiter. Having said that, what the hell the purpose of this mission is?
Aaaaahh the delay. Watch NASA's live coverage, or just listen to it like I do.
Landed safely, thank god!

I can't believe Peter Jennings just left like that. I've always liked Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather better. There was always something sinister about Jennings' reports. Maybe it was his smile, or maybe it was his insincerity. But all in all a good news anchor.
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R.I.P. Peter Jennings.


Mykola said...

Yo dude.

I know you have been using image shack for your image hosting needs, but give the new blogger photo hosting features a try. You can click on the images for larger versions, unlike the imageshack where every image you put up just links back to Image Shack.

todd said...

That's true, but,

1) Imageshack lets you upload bigger-sized pics.

2) I can always remove the link to Imageshack, but credit is due there.

3) their thumbnail pics with a black bar on the bottom tells viewers beforehand how big the fullsize pic is.

I tried the blogger picture host but didn't like it. Just old habit dies hard I suppose.

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todd said...

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