Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boldly he predicts.

Although the world could end any second now theoretically, it's no use to anticipate it too much hence slack off in planning. Planning can't be done without a little predictions, so here goes:


"We" continue to live in a physical world.
Human civilization reaches its apex at a much later time.
The world prevails a series of world wars and natural disasters.


Mass transit will be history.
*We will all be of mixed race.
Emotions can be switched off.
*We'll all be eating synthetic foods.
Most daily activities will be simulated.
There will be no use for display screens.
The world will be run by 10- to 21-year-olds.
Dimension manipulation will be common practice.
Most will be either lacto-ovo vegetarians or vegans.
We'll no longer speak orally, but rather through direct encephalo-activities.
Sex will no longer be the common choice for reproduction.
*We'll be able to manipulate molecules and recombine the elements.
*After the ice caps melt people will live on Antarctica and mega-cities on water will be built.
Spectator sports will be replaced by spectator "TV" games.
Intaking food from one's oral cavity will merely be an option.
*later on after learning how to manipulate gravity we'll build floating cities.
*We'll be able to learn by downloading stuff directly into our brains.
Older people can carry on with their non-administrative duties.
Performing art will be viewed as anicent culture and cease to be popular.
Before we encounter any ET's, we'll first meet the other earthling intelligence.
*The worlds languages will dwindle until there is only one language left.

*Rock's input that I agree.

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