Friday, August 12, 2005

destination Wakkanai

Day four I got here at the end of Japan. This is it! You can literally see Russia with your own eyes.

Wakkanai, Hokkaido

Here is a map:
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Today is day number five.

Sleep deprived to say the least I'm. To recover, I spent a couple of nights in a love hotel and a minshuku(民宿).

I drove maybe just maybe more than I thought I did. What I said before were certainly only estimates. Yesterday alone I drove 450km.

I should have known better not to assume (ass u me). The painful truth I found out was that the main island and Hokkaido island are not connected with a drivable tunnel. You would have thought there should be at least one. But no.

So I ended up speding a lot of time circling the same regions in Aomori, although did see something nice. Finally realized there wasn't a tunnel, except the train-going one. Why would they build a tunnel for trains only? Anywho, I took the ferry and it was expensive.

I think it's certainly worth it, the trip so far. The ferry itself is the biggest rip-off though.

I stayed the night in Otaru last night. The locals love Otaru the best. I'll see why when I spend more time there on my way back. On my way back I'll start stopping more to smell the flowers so to speak.


Anonymous said...

hey todd
i am back uh home as it were, you are one of my links, amazing how none of it seems real from the land of big big trees.will be back in nov,
waiting to see if this posts
want to buy computer,want photo shop/ music...recommend?
youir pal al

todd said...

It's so strange. Even being away for a little more than a week on the road, I feel like this place I call "home" is something of an illusion. Well it is. Good to hear from you. I can help you pick your computer, if you come visit me that is. Plenty of goods in Akihabara. ^_^ Adobe Photoshop would do. And as for music, do you really want anything other than iPod and its iTunes?

Where in Japan are you coming back to?